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Cambridge Analytica: Facebook row firm boss suspended
Alexander Nix appeared to suggest tactics his company could use to discredit politicians online.
March 20, 2018 10:45pm UTC

Is leaving Facebook the only way to protect your data?
What can users do to gain back control of their data or limit how much is shared?
March 20, 2018 2:49pm UTC

Cambridge Analytica: Warrant sought to inspect company
The firm's servers face scrutiny, as footage emerges appearing to show its boss offering to organise smear campaigns.
March 20, 2018 1:43pm UTC

5G auction bidding starts in UK
The process to sell off more airwaves to provide bandwidth for future mobile services begins in the UK.
March 20, 2018 1:08am UTC

Should social media stars face tougher advertising rules?
The regulator says social media stars are still not clearly labelling advertising in posts.
March 20, 2018 1:00pm UTC

Facebook under fire in escalating data row
Politicians are heaping criticism on Facebook over the way data on 50 million users was grabbed
March 19, 2018 5:26pm UTC

#DeleteFacebook trends in response to Cambridge Analytica
#DeleteFacebook trends after Cambridge Analytica is accused of using personal data of 50 million Facebook users.
March 20, 2018 1:40pm UTC

Uber halts self-driving car tests after death
A pedestrian was killed after being hit by a self-driving Uber car in Arizona.
March 20, 2018 12:35pm UTC

BBC wants to keep FM radio for longer
The corporation says it is too soon to consider a complete switchover to digital radio.
March 19, 2018 12:37pm UTC

School bomb threats: Disgruntled Minecraft gamer 'behind hoax'
Hundreds of schools in England were sent an email saying a bomb would be detonated on their grounds.
March 19, 2018 9:40pm UTC