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Crest Alliance provides translation services. Our

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Bridge between continents, China and Africa, Asia Pacific and the World We are the people you can trust to make the whole process easier. With our sales representatives in your local area and sourcing agents in China and the Far East we always take the logical route of dealing with the details directly with you in your country and then finding factories who produce the item closest to what you are looking for. There are no universal factories in which everything is made, the most suitable factories are those which already make similar products. This is also the least risky process.
Intelligent Global Product Sourcing With direct access to Chinese, Thai and Malaysian manufacturers, we will obtain the best available price while retaining the highest level of quality for your purchases. Crest Alliance can provide the diverse products you need by using our wide factory network connections. With many years of experience as a purchasing agent timely progress reporting and communication flow between you and us never stops. At Crest Alliance we understand that business can grow and orders will get bigger step by step, so we cater for small or medium businesses. We use the same standard for quality for big orders and small orders.
Locating Suppliers The job that most buyers find exhaustive to do – finding good suppliers , Crest Alliance does it with delight. Over the years we have gathered a database of suppliers for all sorts of products. We are always on the lookout for new manufacturing partners to provide their manufacturing expertise. To find out more about becoming our partner and gaining access to international customers, contact us today by submitting an online enquiry here.
Crest Alliance represents its customers in their own interests just as if we were a purchasing department that was employed directly by your company.
Communication Services Crest Alliance provides translation services. Our agents are fluent in Mandarin so we make sure negotiations are most effective and this eliminates misinterpretation and miscommunication.
Pricing Although it may seem easy, getting reliable pricing information from Chinese manufacturers require special attention. Many suppliers are flooded with benchmark pricing requests. They will screen which request they quote for. In addition, requirements and expectation must be more explicit then when communicating with traditional suppliers to minimize the room for unauthorised modifications. Crest Alliance team will make sure the supplier will not change the price during negotiations or before releasing the products. We will be with you all through the process until you have your products in your hands.
Shipping We handle all logistical issues for our clients unless agreed otherwise. Since many clients purchase a range of products - meaning multiple factories are involved throughout regions, we assist with consolidating those goods, warehouse when necessary, supervise actual loading and book the ship (freight forwarder).
Customer Support We offer FREE consultation. There is never a 'silly question' - we pride ourselves on having a vast knowledge base of FAQs which our team can access and ensure you are getting the answer to your query in a timely manner. So if you have a question please get in touch and we will endeavor to get the answer for you. We also offer before and after sales customer care. Feel free to get in touch.